Your Company’s Next Level Is Only 6 Months Away

Intuition Consulting Firm presents “The Entrepreneur’s Circuit.” This team approach to marketing will help your business stand out, gain new clients, increase market impact, and better understand strategy!

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Do You Need The Inside Scoop On Telling Your Brand’s Story?

The Entrepreneur’s Circuit is a team approach to marketing consulting built specially for solopreneurs, small business owners, and non-profit leaders. This program is designed to help businesses:

  • Stand Out from the crowd by crafting a brand voice
  • Convert Visitors to clients through engagement tactics
  • Improve Impact in traditional and digital media spaces
  • Control Reputation through effective public relations

The program’s weekly circuits will center on group sessions, also known as “Fuses.” Guided by customized curriculum, each Fuse will give participants the opportunity to build their brand while learning how to grow clientele.

In addition to weekly Fuses, participants will be able to take advantage of one-on-one check-ins with their Intuition Consulting Firm Strategic Advisor on a quarterly basis. These intimate sessions will provide opportunities to discuss business progress and any confidential details not suitable for Fuses. Most importantly, while enrolled in the program, participants will have access to Intuition Consulting Firm’s resources and vendors to implement marketing strategies.

At the end of the six months, participants will leave with:

1.) Marketing Plan
2.) Campaign Outline
3.) Public Relations Protocol
4.) Social Media Strategy

These four items will be developed with revenue growth and brand development in mind as key objectives.

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Circuit Curriculum

1st Month

Branding & Brand Voice, Services/Pricing & Positioning

2nd Month

PR, Marketing & Communications, Crisis PR

3rd Month

Website (Contact, About Us, Design and Goals)

4th Month

Online Upgrades-Traffic Driving, Content & SEO

5th Month

Social Media Presence / Licensing

6th Month

Events & Sponsorships

Reaching Back As He Climbs

The Entrepreneur’s Circuit was birthed out of a commitment to business mentorship from Roy Broderick, founder of Intuition Consulting Firm. The 27-year- old entrepreneur knows that he would not be where he is in his career if it were not for the people who helped and taught him. Roy genuinely believes that everyone has the potential for greatness; all they have to do is tap into the hustle inside of them.

With an extensive background in marketing with large and popular brands, Roy’s background includes work with MTV Networks, VH1 Networks, Turner Entertainment Networks (TNT, TBS, TCM), Columbia Pictures, Marvel, ScreenGems, Tyler Perry Studios, AT&T Mobility, Coca-Cola and Regions Bank. He founded Intuition Consulting Firm based on the idea of motivating clients; giving the push that they need to act on ideas, concepts, strategies and products that have, for whatever reason, not reached market.

Broderick’s professional process is centered on benchmarking, iterating, and recalibrating. Through this process he delivers custom, meaningful and engaging stories and presentations to clients about their business. Currently, his firm services clients in telecommunications, legal, food, home, manufacturing, education, beauty, and media industries.

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Terms & Conditions
Your Curriculum Agreement of The Entrepreneur Circuit with Intuition Consulting Firm includes, but is not limited to, the terms listed below for the duration of six consecutive months. By enrolling into the EC participants are enrolling into a recurring payment plan that includes product incentives and guided course material to enhance, empower and provide knowledgeable reinforcement for entrepreneur related endeavors. No additional fees or cost will be added to the recurring payment throughout its duration. Access to the course material is only available upon payment confirmed on the 25th of each month after the initial payment of $199. The Entrepreneur Circuit is available solely to the individuals approved by Intuition Consulting Firm upon receipt of their recurring payment and any participants who are not listed as members/students are subject to legal action.