National Museum of
African American Music



Intuition delivered a strategic marketing approach complete with signature programs that positioned the museum to own its upcoming launch, inspire confidence in the journey with the executive board and build engage consumers in an ongoing conversation sure to turn up the volume on opening day and beyond.

Launched and produced The Sound, the brand’s first-ever content series featuring Jimmy Jam and the Milwaukee Sound.

The Challenge

Attract financial support, increase consumer awareness and create consumer excitement.


By tapping into the deep emotional connection of music that transcends ethnicity, NMAAM can represent a point of connection for all people. With R&B/Hip-Hop becoming the most consumed musical genre in 2017, NMAAM is uniquely positioned to offer an inclusive and celebratory education on the contributions African Americans have made to music.


With less than two years until completion of the museum, the NMAAM team needed a go-to-market launch strategy to drive both consumer anticipation and financial investment. Intuition Consulting Firm developed a phased, consumer engagement marketing plan leveraging the consumer as the brand ambassador, an influencer marketing strategy to establish brand legitimacy, an earned media news engine and a multi-platform content strategy to drive consistent online conversation.